Manzato & Associati – Law Firm has its main seat in Milan (near the centre of the city).

Manzato & Associati – Law Firm operates also

  • in Rome;
  • in Turin;
  • in Padua;
  • in Bologna;
  • in Naples;
  • in Lombardy, Latium, Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia – Romagna and Campania;
  • in the whole Italian territory (also through a consolidated network of lawyers );
  • abroad (also through a network of foreign law firms which whom it works on a regular basis).

Manzato & Associati – Law Firm is formed by several lawyers (partners, associates and collaborators) which joined their own different professional experiences, having therefore the possibility to work in teams, using at the same time specific multidisciplinary competences (in relation to which Manzato & Associati – Law Firm stimulates a continuous research, development and study of the topics treated, through the coordination and collaboration of the lawyers among them).

Every lawyer has a specific experience in the different fields of the civil and business law: therefore, from one side, the law office’s structure is divided into several departments, on the top of which there is a partner or an associate; from the other side, Manzato & Associati – Law Firm guarantees to its clients a broad assistance (both in litigation and in out-of court matters) .

In the fields of law which Manzato & Associati – Law Firm does not treat directly, it avails itself from specific consultants.
Manzato & Associati – Law Firm guarantees that both the lawyers and the staff speak the main foreign languages.
Some of the lawyers of Manzato & Associati – Law Firm accrued experience at University level, work with specialized legal magazines and regularly participate, as speakers, in many conferences in the different fields of law.

Lawyers working in Manzato & Associati – Law Firm participate to Italian and International Associations where they have or had roles and positions.

Manzato & Associati – Law Firm chooses and instructs its collaborators with particular care with the aim of associating the most deserving lawyers.

Manzato & Associati – Law Firm organizes periodically update meetings and informs its own clients about the main legal news or about topics of particular importance, by sending them newsletters.

Since long Manzato & Associati – Law Firm keeps stable work relationships with foreign law firms.

Manzato & Associati – Law Firm’s clients are companies (including multinational both industrial and commercial), associations of entrepreneurs and workers and individuals.

Manzato & Associati – Law Firm has organized its activities and its own structure considering, from one side, the fact the law firms must keep updated in relation to the continuous changes in the Italian, UE and international laws, the globalization and the increasingly complex economic and financial dynamics; from the other side, it is necessary – in particular in Italy – to keep a personal and direct relationship with the client, which is essential for all relationships based on trust, guaranting at the same time the best possible combination of quality, efficiency and costs. In this way, Manzato & Associati – Law Firm guarantees, through the above structure, assistance and consultancy services appropriate to the times and needs of the client.

Paolo Manzato

Paolo Manzato

Founding Partner
Born in Milan on December the 6th 1955
Graduated at Università Statale in Milan
Member of Lawyers Association since 1981
Lawyer since 1987
Post-University Master: CEGA – Management Master at SDA – Bocconi, Milan