Manzato & Asociates – Law Firm conducts its activity mainly in the commercial and company sector, both in the legal department and other side-activities. (We supply a broad consultancy, and assistance throughout the contract, as well as acquisitions, mergers, and divisions, in the build up of commercial companies and joint ventures, and in carrying out all preventive research prior to an acquisition- due diligence).

Regarding the contract, Manzato & Asociates – Law Firm, supplies all consultancy needed in order to set up a suitable contract according to customer’s needs and relating to problems which might arise in carrying out the contractual discipline.

Manzato & Asociates – Law Firm offers its assistance during the negotiation phase, coordinating its activity also with other professionals (Accounts M.D., Business Consultants, Notaries, ect.) indicated on behalf of the customer through Manzato & Asociates – Law Firm.